Best CA Online Casino

Best CA Online Casinos

Use our comparison list to find the best CA Online Casino. Below in the list you can compare  bonuses and deposit requirements. In addition, you can read more about each casino in their separate reviews, to find out juicy details and maybe receive even better bonuses.

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California online casinos

In California, there are plenty of gambling opportunities for the residents. Not only are there approx. 70 tribal land-based casinos within the state, but also the opportunity for horse racing betting and poker is available for the residents.

But unfortunately we have to announce that California Online Casinos is to some extent quite limited.

For those of you who want to play at an online casino and live in the state, it is Sweepstakes Casinos and Social Casinos that you must stick to for a while.

Poker in CA

Do you want to play poker in CA? Then we can give you good news that this is completely legal and okay to do.

Poker has never been illegal in the state of California and is one of the most popular games. In fact, the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles is the largest card room in the entire world.

But poker is only available at the land-based casinos and card rooms. You can therefore not play poker online in CA but must stick to the places that apply and are legal.

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Compare CA Online Casinos

In the list below you’ll be able to find the best CA Online Casino after your own preferences.

Compare between the top online casinos in California right now.

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+2000 Games

Online casinos can often offer more games than land-based ones. So you can try new games every day.

Huge bonuses

Receive great welcome bonuses when you register at a CA online casino.

Open 24/7

Play at an online casino around the clock, wherever you want. Do not be limited by opening hours or having to go somewhere.

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Best online casino sites in CA

Because the online casino market in California has not yet opened up and been legalized, we are unable to present the best online casino sites in CA to you.

What we can do, however, is go through the Sweepstakes and social casinos, where you as a player can both play for fun but also win cash prizes.

As I said, there are no other online casinos for the residents of California, but you can find several online casinos that cater to your residents within the state. These are not recommended as they are not legalized or licensed by the State of California. There are several risks involved in signing up at these casinos.

We instead recommend the social and sweepstakes casinos until the online casino in CA is legal.


Social- and Sweepstakes casinos in CA

Chumba CasinoSweepstakes
Luckyland SlotsSweepstakes
Big Fish CasinoSocial
Double Down CasinoSocial
GSN CasinoSocial

Why play online?

There are of course many advantages to playing online and there we usually find, bonuses, the opportunity to play whenever we want and the tournaments that are offered.

These are things that are limited at land-based casinos and therefore the benefits of online casinos are quite clear. As a player, you no longer need to go to a place to play slots or poker, but when online casinos in California are legalized, you can play from home.

Something that is definitely nice to be able to do and that would surely make many people happy.

In addition, each player is offered a welcome bonus at online casinos. There can be all sorts of bonuses, but most often we see a deposit bonus in the form of the casino doubling your deposit.



Join the weekly tournaments that every CA online casino offers, for the chance to win even more money.


Open 24/7

Do not be limited by the clock. Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, so play when you can and want to.


Welcome offers

Receive the welcome offers that each casino offers to new players.


Play online at CA Online Casino

Since you have surfed here, we can imagine that you want to play at a CA online casino.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that this is not possible, as online casinos have not yet been legalized in California. What is available online are sweepstakes casinos as well as social.

We are well aware that the neighboring state of Nevada has legalized online gambling, but to gamble on these, you need to be within Nevada’s borders. There are also a number of unlicensed casino sites targeting players in the United States where online casinos are illegal. We do not recommend these, but instead keep an eye out for when it becomes legal to play online at a CA online casino.

Online Poker in California

It is definitely odd that Poker online in California is not yet legal. This is because poker has always been legal in the state and it is home to the largest card room in the world.

One might think that this should be legalized, but the state has not yet come this far in its neutralization to online gambling. For those who want to play poker, you can apply to one of the 69 land-based tribal casinos, or try the social and Sweepstakes.

When can online poker become legal in CA?

It’s hard to say when online poker will become legal in CA. Several proposals have been submitted to legalize online poker in the state, but none have yet emerged.

But what others are saying about this is that it may take several years before we will see some online poker sites in California. This is obviously boring and can be perceived as rather odd considering their neutral view of the 69 land-based casinos. But as we always say, time will tell if we can play online poker in CA or not.

Social Poker in CA

Global PokerSweepstakes
Zynga PokerSocial
WSOP PokerSocial

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FAQ’s About the Best CA Online Casino

Is online gambling legal in the State of California?

We’re sorry to say that online gambling is not yet legal in California.

Can I play slots online legally in California?

Unfortunately, you cannot play slots online in California. There are some casinos that target players living in California, even though this is illegal. We recommend that you do not gamble on these, even though it is tempting.

Can I win real money at a CA online casino?

No, unfortunately you can not yet win real money at a CA online casino. But you can play at the social casinos offered within the state and play for fun!

Can I play online poker in California?

Unfortunately, there are no slots or poker online in California. But you can go to one of the land-based caisnona within the state to try playing both poker and slots.